Social Physics & Learning Papers

  • Conflict Modeling

  • Urban Science 

  • Natural Language Processing

Journal Preprints (P) & Commentary Analysis (K)

  • J(K)1. "Retool AI to Forecast and Limit Wars," W. Guo, K. Gleditsch, A. Wilson, Nature, vol. 562, 331-333, Oct 2018, Altmetric 124 [Link]

  • P1. "Nonlinear Dynamic Models of Conflict via Multiplexed Interaction Networks," G. Aquino, W. Guo, A. Wilson, preprint, 2019 [arXiv]

  • P2. "The Spatial Ecology of War and Peace," W. Guo, X. Lu, G. Mosquera, S. Johnson, preprint, 2017 [arXiv]

  • P3. "Tyranny to Anarchy: Regimes of Organisational Influence on Directed Hierarchical Graphs", C. Pilgrim, W. Guo, S. Johnson, preprint, 2019 [arXiv]

  • P4. "Node-Level Resilience Loss in Dynamic Complex Networks," G. Moutsinas, W. Guo, preprint, 2018 [arXiv]

  • P6. "Graph Hierarchy and Spread of Infections," G. Moutsinas, C. Shuaib, W.i Guo, S. Jarvis, preprint, 2019 [arXiv]

Journal Papers (J)


  • J83. "Gang Confrontation: The case of Medellin (Colombia)," J. Botero, W. Guo, G. Mosquera, A. Wilson, S. Johnson, G. Aguirre-Garcia, L. Pachon, PLOS ONE, vol.14(12): e0225689, Dec 2019, IF 2.8 Q2 [Link]

  • J77. "LSTM-CRF Neural Network with Gated Self Attention for Chinese NER," Y. Jin, J. Xie, W. Guo, C. Luo, D. Wu, R. Wang, IEEE Access, vol.7(1), pp.136694-136703, Sep 2019, IF 4.1 Q1 [Link]

  • J76. "Simulating Imperial Dynamics and Conflict in the Ancient World," J. Madge, G. Colavizza, J. Hetherington, W. Guo, A. Wilson, Cliodynamics, to appear, Sep 2019 [Link]

  • J75. "Common Statistical Patterns in Urban Terrorism," W. Guo, Royal Society Open Science, vol.6(9), pp.190645, Sep 2019, IF 2.5 Q2 [Link]

  • J71. "Mapping Consumer Sentiment Towards Wireless Services using Geospatial Twitter Data," W. Qi, R. Procter, J. Zhang, W. Guo,  IEEE Access, vol.7(1), Aug 2019, IF 4.1 Q1 [Link

  • J69. "Explosive Synchronization of Multi-layer Frequency-Weighted Coupled Complex Systems," Y. Jin, L. Yao, W. Guo, R. Wang, X. Wang, X. Luo, IOP Chinese Physics B, vol.28(7), pp.070502, Jul 2019 [Link]  

  • J68. "Text Classification Based on Conditional Reflection," Y. Jin, C. Luo, W. Guo, J. Xie, D. Wu, R. Wang, IEEE Access, vol.7(1), pp.76712-76719, Jun 2019, IF 4.1 Q1 [Link]

  • J67. "Global Air Transport Complex Network: Multi-Scale Analysis,"  W. Guo, B. Toader, R. Feier, G. Mosquera, F. Ying, S. Oh, M. Williams, A. Krupp, Springer Nature Applied Sciences (SNAS), vol.1(7), June 2019 [Link]

  • J(K)58. "Retool AI to Forecast and Limit Wars," W. Guo, K. Gleditsch, A. Wilson, Nature, vol. 562, 331-333, Oct 2018, IF 43.1, Q1 Altmetric 124[Link]

  • J52. "5G Multiscale Mobility : A Look at Current and Upcoming Models in the Next Technology Era," A. Orsino, W. Guo, G. Araniti, IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, vol.13(1), pp.120-129, 2018, IF 6.1 Q1 [Link

  • J51. "Global Network Centrality of University Rankings," W. Guo, M. Del Vecchio, G. Pogrebna, Royal Society Open Science, vol.4(10), Nov 2017, IF 2.5 Q2 Altmetric 24 [Open Access] [Media] [Dryad Data] [Cover Feature]

  • J46. "Google Trends can Improve Surveillance of Type 2 Diabetes," N. Tkachenko, S. Chotvijit, N. Gupta, E. Bradley, C. Gilks, W. Guo, H. Crosby, E. Shore, M. Thiarai, R. Procter, S. Jarvis, Nature Scientific Reports, vol. 7(1), pp.1-10, Jun 2017, IF 4 Q1Altmetric 98 [Gold Open Access]

  • J44. "Uncovering Wireless Blackspots using Twitter Data," W. Guo, J. Zhang, IET Electronics Letters, vol. 53(12), pp. 814-816, Apr 2017, IF 1.3 [Link]

  • J33. "Estimating Mobile Traffic Demand using Twitter," B. Yang, W. Guo, B. Chen, G. Yang, J. Zhang, IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, vol.5(4), pp. 380-383, May 2016, IF 3.5 Q2 Altmetric 4 [Gold Open Access]

  • J29. “Core Identification and Attack Strategies Against Regenerative Complex Networks,” W. Guo, X. Lu, IET Electronics Letters, vol.52(6), pp.450-452, Feb 2016, IF 1.3 [Link]

  • J19. "Three-Dimensional SOlar RAdiation Model and its Application to 3-D Urban Planning," R. Erdelyi, Y. Wang, W. Guo, E. Hanna, G. Colantuono, Elsevier Solar Energy, vol.101, pp.63-73, Mar 2014, IF 4.7 Q1 [Link]

Media (M) & Government Reports (N)

  • M4. "How AI Could Unlock World Peace", BBC Futures, Feb 2019 [Link]

  • M3. "Quicker Commuter Trains Could Reduce Delays," Press Association, Feb 2019 [Link]

  • M2. "Can Mapping Conflict Data Explain, Predict and Prevent Violence?" BBC News, Feb 2018 [Link]

Conference Papers (C)

  • C61. "Conflict Detection in Linguistically Diverse Online Social Networks: a Russia-Ukraine Case Study," N. Tkachenko, W. Guo, ACM International Conference on Management of Digital EcoSystems (MEDES), Cyprus, Nov 2019

  • C58. "Dynamic Spatial Cluster Process Model of Geo-Tagged Tweets in London," M. Mazzamurro, Y. Wu, W. Guo, IEEE International Smart Cities Conference, Morocco, Oct 2019 [IEEE Flagship Conference]

  • C57. "Geo-Tagging Quality-of-Experience Self-Reporting on Twitter to Mobile Network Outage Events," W. Qi, W. Guo, R. Procter, J. Zhang, IEEE International Smart Cities Conference, Morocco, Oct 2019 [IEEE Flagship Conference]

  • C56. "A Tale of Two Cities: Multiplexed Banking Access in Birmingham and London," A. Sonea, W. Guo, S. Jarvis, IEEE International Smart Cities Conference, Morocco, Oct 2019 [IEEE Flagship Conference]

  • C49. "Twitter Usage Across Industry: a Spatiotemporal Analysis," N. Gupta, H. Crosby, D. Purser, S. Jarvis, W. Guo, IEEE International Conference on Big Data Computing Service and Applications, Germany, Mar 2018 [Link]

  • C44. "Combining Heterogeneous User Generated Data to Sense Well-being," A. Tsakalidis, M. Liakata, T. Damoulas, B. Jellinek, W. Guo, A. Cristea, ACL International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING), Japan, Dec 2016 [Link]

  • C43. "Understanding Happiness in Cities using Twitter: Jobs, Children, and Transport," W. Guo, N. Gupta, G. Pogrebna, S. Jarvis, IEEE International Smart Cities Conference, Italy, Sep 2016 [Link] [IEEE Flagship Conference]

  • C42. "London Underground: Neighbourhood Centrality and Relation to Urban Geography," W. Guo, X. Lu, IEEE International Smart Cities Conference, Italy, Sep 2016 [Link] [IEEE Flagship Conference]

  • C39. "Fuzzy Partition Technique for Clustering Big Urban Dataset," A. Al-Shami, W. Guo, G. Pogrebna, IEEE SAI Computing Conference, UK, Jul 2016 [Link]

  • C37. "Ubiquitous Monitoring of Human Sunlight Exposure in Cities," A. Al-Shami, W. Guo, G. Pogrebna, IEEE International Smart Cities Conference, Mexico, Oct 2015 [Link] [IEEE Flagship Conference]

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