Physical Infrastructure Papers

  • Optimal Sensing for Digital Twins

  • Resilience of Networked Systems

  • Sensing Technology for Embedded Infrastructure

Journal Preprints (P) & Commentary Analysis (K)


  • P4. "Node-Level Resilience Loss in Dynamic Complex Networks," G. Moutsinas, W. Guo, preprint, 2018 [arXiv]

  • P5. "Quantifying Networked Resilience via Multi-Scale Feedback Loops in Water Distribution Networks," A. Pagani, F. Meng, G. Fu, M. Musolesi, W. Guo, preprint, 2019 [arXiv]

  • P6. "Graph Hierarchy and Spread of Infections," G. Moutsinas, C. Shuaib, W.i Guo, S. Jarvis, preprint, 2019 [arXiv]

Journal Papers (J)

  • J85. "Probabilistic Stability of Traffic Load Balancing on Wireless Complex Networks," G. Moutsinas, W. Guo, IEEE Systems Journal, to appear, 2019, IF 4.5 Q1 [arXiv]

  • J81. "Optimal Sampling for Dynamic Complex Networks with Graph-Bandlimited Initialization," Z. Wei, B. Li, W. Guo, IEEE Access, vol.7(1), pp.150295-150305, Oct 2019, IF 4.1 Q1 [Link]

  • J80. "Optimal Sampling of Water Distribution Network Dynamics using Graph Fourier Transform," Z. Wei, A. Pagani, G. Fu, I. Guymer, W. Chen, J. McCann, W. Guo, IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering, early-access, Sep 2019 [Link]

  • J78. "Deep Learning for Bridge Load Capacity Estimation in Post-Disaster and -Conflict Zones," A. Pamuncak, W. Guo, A. Soliman-Khaled, I. Laory, Royal Society Open Science, vol.6(12), Dec 2019, IF 2.5 Q2 [Link​]

  • J69. "Explosive Synchronization of Multi-layer Frequency-Weighted Coupled Complex Systems," Y. Jin, L. Yao, W. Guo, R. Wang, X. Wang, X. Luo, IOP Chinese Physics B, vol.28(7), pp.070502, Jul 2019 [Link]  

  • J67. "Global Air Transport Complex Network: Multi-Scale Analysis,"  W. Guo, B. Toader, R. Feier, G. Mosquera, F. Ying, S. Oh, M. Williams, A. Krupp, Springer Nature Applied Sciences (SNAS), vol.1(7), June 2019 [Link]

  • J66. "HS2 Railway Embankment Monitoring: Effect of Soil Condition on Underground Signals," S. Qiu, C. Mias, W. Guo, X. Geng, Springer Nature Applied Sciences (SNAS), vol.1(6), May 2019 [Link]

  • J65. "Resilience or Robustness: Identifying Topological Vulnerabilities in Rail Networks," A. Pagani, G. Mosquera, A. Alturki, S. Johnson, S. Jarvis, A. Wilson, W. Guo, L. Varga, Royal Society Open Science, vol.6(2), Feb 2019, IF 2.5 Q2 [Link]

Media (M) & Government Reports (N)

  • M3. "Quicker Commuter Trains Could Reduce Delays," Press Association, Feb 2019 [Link]

  • N1. "Data for Public Good," National Infrastructure Commission, Dec 2017 (Turing Submission lead) [Link]

Conference Papers (C)

  • C59. "Monitoring Networked Infrastructure with Minimum Data via Sequential Graph Fourier Transforms," Z. Wei, A. Pagani, W. Guo, IEEE International Smart Cities Conference, Morocco, Oct 2019 [IEEE Flagship Conference]

  • C53. "On the Stability of the Foschini-Miljanic Algorithm with Uncertainty over Channel Gains," G. Moutsinas, T. Charalambous, W. Guo, IEEE European Control Conference (ECC), Italy, June 2019 [Link]

  • C42. "London Underground: Neighbourhood Centrality and Relation to Urban Geography," W. Guo, X. Lu, IEEE International Smart Cities Conference, Italy, Sep 2016 [Link] [IEEE Flagship Conference]

  • C29. "A Molecular Communication Link for Monitoring in Confined Environments" S. Qiu, W. Guo, S. Wang, N. Farsad, A. Eckford, IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) - Workshop, Australia, Jun 2014 [Link]

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