• Weisi Guo

Papers: Quantity vs. Quality

They say that quality is an innate constant (by adulthood) and quantity is the only thing we can control [1]. If this is true, then the quantity vs quality is a false paradigm used for prejudice.

Papers are the primary academic avenue to disseminate research, but there is widespread consensus of abuse through: i) research that is repetitive, erroneous, non-repeatable, ii) research that adds noise to the knowledge (e.g. doesn't interconnect existing knowledge), and iii) research that is unethical / irresponsible.

Writing once a day in the morning is good practice to ensure the continued development of an essential skill.

Scientific Advance is Nonlinear and Stochastic

The nature of science has always been highly nonlinear and stochastic, i.e., the element of serendipity far out weighs the element of planning. Few major discoveries were set out in the way it was planned and few of the work regarded at the time as being important turns out to be later on. However, what is common and central to all success is excellence.

Hard Work and Excellence

Therefore, the primary responsibility is to conduct research that is ethically and academically sound whilst doing so as much as possible in a creative way. It is not up for you to worry about the judgement of peers and colleagues, provided you do your best to ensure excellence. What is critical is that you do so in a way that joins up existing knowledge without reinventing the wheel, and you communicate in a way that broadens access and scientific engagement.

What do do then?

Keep going at a steady rate. There is no generalisation of quality vs. quantity.


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