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Funded Research Projects 

Our group's research is fortunate enough to be supported by both UK scientific bodies (UKRI: EPSRC, InnovateUK), Royal Society, and EU scientific bodies (H2020), UK & US government (DSTL, US Air Force), as well as many charitable bodies (Lloyds Register).

You can find the details of most of UK funded grants I have led/co-led here: UKRI Grant Profile Page 

Grant Capture:

  • PI on £7.2m to host institution
    Funders: EPSRC, H2020, InnovateUK, Royal Society, DSTL, USAF, Lloyd's Register Foundation, Alan Turing Institute.
    Active investigator time (2023): 41%

  • Investigator on £26m of external research grant funding

  • Coordinator on €1.1m H2020 project DAWN4IoE,
    Co-Director on £3m UKRI EPSRC TAS-S node,
    Management Team 
    on £2m EPSRC Communications Hub: CHEDDAR
    Management Team on £3.9m EPSRC CDT Urban Science

  • Supervisor: 45+ PDRA FTE years, 24+ PhD studentship years

  • Current Active Grants (12): 3 EPSRC, 3 EPSRC Studentships, 2 InnovateUK, 1 RAEng, 1 EU H2020, 1 USAF, 1 DfT


  • EPSRC CHEDDAR: Communications Hub For Empowering Distributed ClouD Computing Applications And Research 
    CI (PI for host) Total: £2m 2023-26 Link [Active]
    J. McCann (Coordinator), W. Guo (Cranfield lead), M. Imran (Glasgow lead), S. Zaidi (Leeds lead), H. Sun (Durham lead), P. Yadav (York lead), 20 other CIs .

  • EPSRC TAS-S: Trustworthy Autonomous Systems: Security (EP/V026763/1) 
    CI (PI for host) £1.2m (Total: £3m) 2020-24 Link [Active]
    N. Suri (Coordinator, Strand 1 Lead), W. Guo (Co-Director, Strand 2 Lead), C. May-Chahal (Co-Director, Strand 3 Lead),
    P. Angelov, A. Tsourdos, G. Inalhan, D. Hutchison, V. Giotsas, C. Easton, J. Deville, L. Dorn
    Key Papers: [Control Layer Security, IEEE VTM] [Adversarial IRS, IEEE T-IFS] [Low Shot Learning, Neural C&A]

  • EPSRC MACRO - Mobility as a service: MAnaging Cybersecurity Risks across Consumers, Organisations and Sectors (EP/V039164/1)
    CI (WP lead) £122k (Total: £550k) 2021-23 Link [Active]
    N. Ozkan (Coordinator), S. Li (PI for Kent), W. Guo, C. Long, A. Zagorecki
    Key Papers: [Private Federated DRL, IEEE T-ITS] [Fair DRL, Neural C&A]

  • EPSRC (PETRAS) GraphSec: Physical Graph Based Wireless IoT Security with No Key Exchange
    PI £235k 2021-23 Link 
    W. Guo (PI)

    Key Papers: [Graph Layer Security, Sensors] [DRL Key Mining, IEEE ICSIP]

  • EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Urban Science and Progress (EP/L016400/1)
    CI £3.9m 2014-23 Link 

    H. Ferhatosmanoglu (Current Coordinator), S. Jarvis (Coordinator), I. Guymer, J. Coaffee, R. Procter, G. Cormode, W. Guo, X. Geng, M. Gillie
    Key Papers: [Google Trend Diabetes, Nat. Sci. Rep.] [Historical Impact Urban Entropy, IEEE Smart City]

  • EPSRC CoTRE - Complexity Twin for Resilient Ecosystems (EP/R041725/1)
    PI £238k 2018-20 Link
    W. Guo (PI)

    Key Papers: [Joint Graph & Dynamic Resilience, Nat. Sci. Rep.] [Uncertainty Networked Resilience, IEEE Sys. J] [Probabilistic Stability, IEEE Sys. J]

  • EPSRC (ENCORE+) Nature Inspired Routing for Resilient Networked Systems
    PI £9.6k 2017-18 ​
    W. Guo (PI), L. Varga (CI)

    Key Paper: [Railway Topological Resilience, Royal Soc. OS]

                                                                                                         EPSRC Studentships


  • EPSRC (iCASE with Thales UK) PhD Studentship: Human-Drones Teaming for Autonomous Rescue with Fast Reinforcement Learning (EP/X52475X/1) (2788094)
    Supervisor 2022-26 Link
    W. Guo (supervisor), D. Panagopoulos (student) [Active]

  • EPSRC (DTP with Saab UK) PhD Studentship: AI-based framework for drone intent classification using a non-cooperative radar system (EP/T518104/1) (2744569)
    Supervisor 2022-25 Link
    W. Guo (supervisor), R. Brown (student) [Active]

  • EPSRC (DTP with Saab UK) PhD Studentship: AI for Radar in an Air Traffic Management System (EP/T518104/1) (2535755)
    Supervisor 2021-24 Link
    W. Guo (supervisor), D. Holt (student) [Active]

  • EPSRC (DTP) PhD Studentship: Patterns of City Formation and Development (EP/N509796/1) (2109287)
    Supervisor 2018-22 Link
    W. Guo (supervisor), M. Mazzamurro (student) 

    Key Paper: [Historical Impact Urban Entropy, IEEE Smart City]

  • EPSRC (DTC) PhD Studentship: The Human Ecosystem: Social Interactions underlying Conflict and Cooperation (EP/L015374/1) (1643787)
    Supervisor 2015-19 Link
    W. Guo (supervisor), G. Mosquera (student) 

  • EPSRC (DTC) PhD Studentship: De-biasing Social Media Data to understand Citizen Engagement with Government Services (EP/L016400/1) (1723233)
    Supervisor 2016-18 Link
    W. Guo (supervisor), N. Gupta (student) 

    Key Papers: [Urban Happiness, IEEE Smart City]

UKRI: InnovateUK

  • InnovateUK National Timing Centre: DSQTA - Disseminated Secure QuanTime Autonomy (10038140)
    CI £120k (Total: £401k) 2022-24 [Link
    I. Petrunin (PI), A. Tsourdos (CI), M. Samie (CI), W. Guo (CI) 

  • InnovateUK ATI: LANDOne - Landing Advances for a New Decade One (10002411)
    CI £3.5m (Total: £23.6m) 2022-26 [Link
    M. Skote (PI), G. Inalhan (CI), A. Tsourdos (CI), W. Guo (CI), H. Shin (CI), A. Zolotas (CI), D. Ignatyev (CI)

  • InnovateUK Future Flight: Fly2Plan – Enabling a new model aviation data system-of-systems (70883)
    CI £250k (Total: £4.7m) 2020-22 Link
    D. Panagiotakopolos (PI), W. Guo (CI) 

    Key Paper: [Blockchain enabled XAI for Air Traffic Management]

  • InnovateUK & Ranplan ODIN - Online Data Integrated Network (KTP10734)
    PI, £199k (£123k KTP with £75k company contribution) 2018-20 Link
    W. Guo (Academic PI), R. Procter (CI), J. Zhang (Commercial Lead)

    Key Paper: [Geo-Tagging Consumer Sentiment, IEEE Smart City]

  • InnovateUK COCKPIT 5G - Crowd Blackspot Intelligence for 5G Rollout (29634)
    PI, £104k (Total: £210k) 2019-20 Link
    W. Guo (Academic PI), R. Procter (CI), J. Zhang (Commercial Lead)

    Key Paper: [Mapping Consumer Sentiment, IEEE Access]

EU: H2020

  • EC H2020 DAWN4IoE - Data Aware Wireless Network for Internet-of-Everything (778305)
    PI & Coordinator €270k (Total: €1.1m) 2017-21 (extended to 23) Link [Active]
    W. Guo (Coordinator & SiC), Y. Chen (Current Coordinator), Z. Jie (Co-Coordinator), X. Chu, M. Fiore, K. Tsagkaris
    Key Papers: [5G Mobility Models, IEEE VTM] [Proactive 5G Optimisation, IEEE Access]

  • EC H2020 Green Machine Learning for 5G and Beyond Resource Optimisation (891221)
    PI €225k 2020-22 Link 
    W. Guo (SiC) 

  • EC H2020 Mo-IoNT - Molecular Internet-of-Nano-Things (792799)
    PI €195k 2018-20 Link
    W. Guo (SiC), L. Lin (fellow)

    Key Papers: [Molecular Physics for 6G, IEEE CM] [Molecular Cyberattack, IEEE IoTM] [Intelligent NanoNet, IEEE T-NBS]

UK & US: Defence & Security

  • USAF (AFOFSR) Networked Social Influence and Acceptance in a New Age of Crises (FA8655-20-1-7031)
    PI $220k 2020-23 [Active]
    W. Guo (solo investigator)
    Key Paper: [Social Influence Network, IEEE/ACM ASONAM]

  • USAF (AFOFSR) MolSig - Molecular Signalling in Complex Environments (FA9550-17-1-0056)
    PI $166k 2017-21 Link
    W. Guo (PI), P. Thomas (CI)

    Key Paper: [Cybersecurity of Mol-Com, IEEE T-NBS]

  • DSTL (DASA) UNSURE - Unstable Behaviour on the Edge of Communities (ACC6005162)
    PI £100k 2019 Link
    W. Guo (solo investigator)
    Key Paper: [Conflict on Social Networks, ACM MEDES]

  • Alan Turing Institute Turing Fellowship (0.4 FTE, 2017-19) + Extension (0.3-0.5 FTE, 2020-21) + Modern Slavery (0.1 FTE, 2020-21)
    PI £49k + £112k + £7k 2017-21 
    W. Guo (Fellow)

  • Alan Turing Institute (D&S) GUARD - Global Urban Analytics for Resilient Defence
    PI £250k 2017-19 Link
    W. Guo (PI), A. Wilson (CI)

    Key Papers: [Dynamic Networked Conflict Prediction Models]

  • DSTL (DASA) MEDE - Molecular Communications for Electromagnetic-Denied Environments (ACC102665)
    PI £90k 2017-18 Link 
    W. Guo (PI), P. Thomas (CI)

    Key Papers: [Mol-Signal Tracking, IEEE T-MBMC] [Experimental Mol-Com, ACM NanoCom] [Vertical Mol-Com, IEEE ICC]

Royal Society, Royal Academy of Engineering, Charities, Government

  • RAEng (IC) Drone intention prediction based on semi-supervised learning of flight physics
    PI £170k 2021-23 Link [Active]
    A. Perrusquia (fellow), W. Guo (

  • Department for Transport  National Security and Science Research Programme
    CI £1m 2022-23 (extendable to 2026) 
    PA Consulting (PI), S. Harwood, A. Tsourdos, G. Braithwaite, D. Barry, J. Pelham (Fellow), W. Guo (CI) 

  • Department for Transport S-TRIG: Drone Classification: 1-Shot Rapid Learning via Explainable AI
    PI £27k 2020-21 

    W. Guo (PI) [Case Study]

  • Alan Turing Institute (Lloyds Register Data Centric Engineering) CHANCE - Coupled Human And Natural Critical Ecosystems
    PI £290k 2018-20 Link
    W. Guo (PI), A. Wilson (CI), J. McCann, M. Musolesi, R. Silva

  • Lloyd's Register (ICON) PhD Studentship: Towards Invisible Nanoscale Chemical Tagging (ICON-23)
    CI 2017-21 Link
    A. Eckford (PI & Supervisor), W. Guo

  • Royal Society SmallTalk - Talking between Small Thing
    PI £11k 2016-18 Link
    W. Guo (PI), C. Zhao (PI - BUPT)

  • Royal Society Nanocommunications for Smart Cities (IE130762)
    PI £5k 2012-14 
    W. Guo (PI), A. Eckford (PI - York)

  • British Council Urban Science and Information Engineering (INB/CONT/0165)
    PI £5k 2013-15 
    W. Guo (PI), M. Jain (PI - IIT-B)

Industrial Funders

  • Leonardo-Cranfield Co-Fund CDAS Fellows Explainable AI and Autonomy for Alternative Navigation Solutions On Unmanned Rotary-Winged Aircraft
    PI £180k 2023-25 [

  • Marshall Aerospace

  • Ultra-CSS

  • Thales UK

  • QinetiQ

  • Ranplan

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