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Human Machine Intelligence Research Group

Welcome to our research group page. We are supported by a variety of UKRI, H2020, and Defence & Securities funding, totalling over £19m. Full list of grants is here. Access to our and wider university labs relevant to our group is here.















The team is diverse and consists of 20+ members from 9 countries:

  • Academic Staff (2 Dedicated):
    Yang Xing (Senior Lecturer) - applied AI for engineering

    Adolfo Perrusquia (Lecturer) - reinforcement learning for engineering

  • Research Fellows/Assistant (7 Dedicated, 5 more associated in 6G Hub): 
    Deepak Panda (RAEng IC Fellow 2023-25) - autonomy and AI
    Yun Tang (EPSRC TAS-S and EPSRC CHEDDAR, 2024-26) - distributed autonomy across heterogeneous continuum 
    Mengbang Zou (EPSRC CHEDDAR, 2024-26) - resilience of dynamic networked systems
    Miguel Arana Catania (EPSRC TAS-S and EPSRC CHEDDAR, 2022-25) - verification & causal inference in AI
    Mariusz Winsinewski (Leonardo CDAS 2023-25) - XAI for sensor fusion 
    Paris Chatzithanos (Leonardo CDAS 2023-25) - trustworthy learning for autonomous navigation
    Almina Jin (US AFOSR & EPSRC CHEDDAR 2020-24) - language models and trust

  • Ph.D. Students (7 Primary Supervisor): 
    Jinsheng Yuan (2021-25, EPSRC CHEDDAR 2024-25) - adversarial machine learning in transport
    Danny Holt
    (2021-26, EPSRC DTP with Saab) - XAI based radar signal classification for UTM
    Robert Brown (2022-27, EPSRC DTP with Saab) - Drone intention prediction using a non-cooperative radar system

    Dimitris Panagopoulos (2023-26, EPSRC iCASE with Thales) - human machine teaming for search & rescue
    Yifan Yang (2023-26) - civil aviation safety for air mobility on demand 
    Lakhepatil Ajinkya (2023-26, EPSRC TAS-S) - causal learning for trustworthy autonomy
    Minqing Qiu (2024-27) - narrative based mapping in remote areas


  • Ph.D. Students (7 Co-/External-Supervisor): 
    Andra Sonea (2018-25 PT, EPSRC CDT in Urban Science at Warwick) - urban digital financial service access
    Jon Ricketts (2020-27 PT, QinetiQ) - NLP for aviation safety
    Janice Liu (2020-23) - AI prediction of digestate of anaerobic digestion
    Tabitha Watson (2021-25, Exeter University) - Climate induced migration modeling

    Sorin Negru (2023-26) - Hybrid PNT navigation
    Jamal Mazar (2023-26) - Space wireless networks
    Cillian Wang (2023-26) - Compressive sensing and control in aircraft wings

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